Club Championships 2018




The Longford keeper has the look of a fella who will drink a lot of porter next week .


Ah lovely


Soft Southsider syndrome


What a day for rural Ireland


A great day for Longford.


I just caught the last few minutes of it there. That’s terrific stuff. One of the sports stories of the year.


Wouldn’t happen to vins


Number 8 surely MOTM


Kilmacud’s 4,000 strong club membership isn’t worth a whole lot to them at this moment in time.


Or bank of Irelands 250 grand a year


Lolzers at Crokes, how utterly embarrassing for the squeezed middle. :smile:


Fairly embarrassing for fellas going on about Dublins resources.


TG4 pulling a fast one on the camera wavers here.


By Christ


Dublin weren’t playing today .


Bit of hard work is all it takes.


Watery enough oul speech here.


It must give you a lot of hope as a Mount Sion man for next year and the years ahead in taking on the monolith of Ballygunner.


A much more impressive achievement than Ireland beating the All Blacks