Club Championships 2018


I’ll grant you that but just when you thought he’d finished he gave the cup a final hoist and said

" Light the bonfires, we’re coming home ". There won’t be a rap done for the week. I found it heartwarming that as supporters hugged the players everyone knew each other. Fuck Kilmacud.


What price were they today?


Some achievement for a small rural village in fairness. Headcount of 300 odd at the last census.

Fairplay to them.


3/1 or thereabouts.
Oddly, if they don’t go apeshit they could rattle those Killarney pricks.


Cavan stuck between rock and hard place. Have good new manager but he’s MIA till Feb.


Conan Brady has spent 8 years travelling from the UK to play for Mullinalaghta. All out of his own pocket.


Sure isn’t that what the GAA is all about.


I don’t know how he does it in fairness.


Must be a bit of an oddball in fairness.


Engineers generally are.


They’ll be another baby boom in 9 months


Shane Walsh, David O’Sullivan and Dessie Hutchinson all back in the Ballygunner squad for their assault on the All Ireland Club this spring.