Club Championships 2018


I’ll grant you that but just when you thought he’d finished he gave the cup a final hoist and said

" Light the bonfires, we’re coming home ". There won’t be a rap done for the week. I found it heartwarming that as supporters hugged the players everyone knew each other. Fuck Kilmacud.


What price were they today?


Some achievement for a small rural village in fairness. Headcount of 300 odd at the last census.

Fairplay to them.


3/1 or thereabouts.
Oddly, if they don’t go apeshit they could rattle those Killarney pricks.


Cavan stuck between rock and hard place. Have good new manager but he’s MIA till Feb.


Conan Brady has spent 8 years travelling from the UK to play for Mullinalaghta. All out of his own pocket.


Sure isn’t that what the GAA is all about.


I don’t know how he does it in fairness.


Must be a bit of an oddball in fairness.


Engineers generally are.


They’ll be another baby boom in 9 months


Shane Walsh, David O’Sullivan and Dessie Hutchinson all back in the Ballygunner squad for their assault on the All Ireland Club this spring.


The Newtown civil war brings their most bitter of rivals charleville all the way to an ireland club final. You couldn’t make it up.


No one cares about your rural shite


Bizarre goal for Naomh Éanna v an Spideal .


Keepers :rollseyes:


Any gaa on telly lads?


Yes ; Tg 4 ; an spideal v st Enda Antrim


Spideal only over the hill from me :+1:


A few of the players look over the hill .