Club Championships 2018


I’m fairly sure the young fella you are thinking of played senior championship for Antrim footballers in 2017 but don’t know what he is up to now.


On reflection it may have been Oran was the first name. Woukd that be right? I think the dad may have been the coach , and there were three brothers on the team.
Edit, ive just seen the match report above. Its funny how your memory plays tricks


Creggan would be a football club in the main.


They did great that year, fair play to them. Not a filthy streak to them either.


Corofin’s movement and speed of thought is exceptional for this level.

But Gweedore have just come back into this semi-final with a goal by Kevin Cassidy. Should have been disallowed - The guy who had the initial shot took about 12 steps.

Corofin 1-5 Gweedore 1-2 after 19 minutes.


GAO are after scoring a goal Al be it after a cracking save from power in the corofin goal.your man took at least 8/9 steps/stride’s before shooting.shocking from the officials… Coro 1-5 GAO 1-02 22 mins gone


Where is this being played?


The camera at this is almost on one of the 45 metre lines, meaning the end Gweedore are attacking is almost in front of the viewer, while the end Corofin are attacking is miles in the distance.

Production values reminscent of that game at Goodison Park in 1985 when Andy Gray scored that famous diving header.

Gweedore have got right back into this and Kevin Cassidy is causing havoc.

1-6 to 1-5 for Corofin - 28:40.


Carrick On Shannon.

Another goal for Corofin. Lobbed ball by Sice was caught by Ian Burke on the edge of the square and he swiftly transferred it to the number 13 who finished from point blank range.


Corofin 2-7 Gweedore 1-5 HT.


Ya Farragher,good footballer


Soft free for Gweedore there.


Cassidy :clap:


Gweedore had it back to a two point game a few minutes ago but Corofin have driven for home with three straight points.

One back for Gweedore but they need a miracle now with under a minute of normal time left.


Lowering the blade here, lundy maybe as well off black carded and not rising to it and getting red. Hopefully corofin do a call out video to rub salt in the wounds


Dylan seems to be a very popular first name around Corofin way.

The team in the Donegal colours advances to the final.


Go ‘easy pal, Gweedore have enough to deal with.


True but i wasn’t actually being serious there


The call out video was funny. I doubt anyone took an ounce of offence.

If Gweedore, in a bit of frustration, left a bit in, they could be forgiven.