Club Championships 2018


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Did Bennetsbridge not win both within a couple of years of each other?


Thought they lost thr junior final?


Ardfert won junior all Ireland in 2006 & intermediate all Ireland in 2007


An absolute tour de france from @maroonandwhite here.


Unbelievable jealousy from the Chip (and Wexican)* cunts who can’t get out of their province at any level of club hurling, and blame their lack of All Irelands on Galway who have an easy ride.
You couldn’t make it up.

  • Is that unfair (to include the misfortunes?)


You are of course correct, they won the most one sided junior hurling final played yet and then went on and won the intermediate the following year. Looking at the weekends games the difference in standards was vast between junior and intermediate, it should be an embarrassment for clubs good enough to win intermediate to be playing junior just a year or 2 before.


Who was it lost the junior aif to the team from the north who had a 16 year old starring for them,which caused a bit of controversy? I think his name was mccann. Often wonder what happened to him.


That was a Waterford team if I remember right. Creggan was the northern team. Think they’re in Div 3 of the Antrim leagues. Don’t know about the young lad. There was a couple of MCanns play for Creggan. There’s a Conor McCann has played county but would think he’s older than that young lad.


Thats them,creggan. The team they beat iirc had the bennett brothers on it.


Conor rings a bell. I think that might be him.


You might be right but I just have a notion that Conor McCann has been playing county for at least 3 years. Was that not 2014 Creggan won that so the 16yr old would be at most 21 now.


@maroonandwhite has dismantled a few lads here.


Just googled it. Ballysaggart of Waterford. Here’s the Creggan team:
B Prenter; B Maguire, A Maguire, D Carey; F McCauley, T McCann, M Johnson; R McCann, A McKeown; K Rice, O McCann, J Carey; C Small, S Maguire, C McCann. Subs: M Nelson, D McCann.


I’d say that’s the last we’ll see of @Gman anyway. He has been obliterated.


Google again. Conor McCann is 26/27

The 16 yr old was Conor Small


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getting rathkeale fucked out of the u21’s :joy::joy::joy: