Club Championships 2019


Davy installed in the Bridge


Thought he wouldn’t have the time.


Who’s going to make the club hurling final on St Patrick’s day?

St Thomas 1/7 to beat Cushendall look like certs but Cushendall surprised another Galway side Sarsfields a couple of years ago.

Ballyhale v Ballygunner is really hard to call. Bookies have Shamrocks as favourites but Ballygunner have shown themselves to be hard to shake off.

St Thomas and Ballygunner for me.


Sarsfields were shit. Weakest team to win a Galway title in years.


Ballyhale are managed by Henry Shefflin who’s way out of his depth at this level. Advantage Ballygunner


They were still well fancied to beat the useless Nordies though.


Who is the Ballygunner manager\coach?


Fergal Hartley


Not by me they weren’t.


Is Hartley more within his depth “at this level”. Not quite sure what that means. OK it’s an AI semi final but it’s club and I’d say Shefflin knows his players inside out as well as a wee bit of experience playing at the highest level.


Your greater knowledge here definitely puts you over @theblackspot


He had Ballygunner well coached and organized in Munster any way . Time will tell.


The word is ballygunner are flying.

Ballyhale less than impressive vs Dublins second string last week.

Hard to know how much can be read into that.

The match ups will be key.


Article bout Cushendall and AI semi final


Is this Ballygunners date with destiny it is?


No Ballyhale by 4-5 pts.


Every man, woman and child needs to get behind St. Enda’s today.


Penalty in the nell to the dall


Interesting goalie tactic of trying to stop it with a stare. Heating up now


Embarrassing stuff from the Thomas’s man there