Club Championships 2019


They wouldn’t be the only ones with dubious character… This geniuses posts should have a pinch of salt emoji attached


Two sending offs for dirty digs in the balls after frees awarded against them. The carkies apopleptic for some reason. Were dirty from the off. Strange one in the second half when the ref went in twice and got the charleville goalie to throw the ball away he was going to use for the puck outs. Booking him the second time. Charleville had way better hurlers, but didn’t like it up em, maree oran limited but got stuck into them and they folded mentally from a very strong position. Took a heart stopper of a save near the end to win it though


I was waiting for it :laughing: Sounds like Charleville fell apart. Fair play to Oranmore


I’d love to know the specifics here. Was the ref mandating a single brand of ball or what.


Has to be one of the few ones recognized i guess. After he booked him the goalie was clearly put out. He then broke his hurl with the puckout, then hit a middling puckout then followed it up with a completely topped one straight to niall burke who drove it wide. Near the end he charged out with it an attempted a short pass but hit straight to burke who pointed it this time to put them 3 up i think.

After i had a surreal moment that will live with me for a while, i left my relations at it and walked for town. As i stopped at the lights by gills who joined me… Buff fucking egan. I ended up walking as far as the top of o connell street with him. One hell of a man to talk, and not a big fan of joe canning, dublins support level, the quality of social housing in the north inner city, the constant public attention he receives in social situations, and lack of recompense for same. And the financial largesse, or lack therof of St Thomas’s gaa club, galway. A entertaining divil though.


I nearly feel like I was there with you


Curious one. Plenty of recognised brands out there.


He strikes me as a lad who would take advantage of your charitable nature mate. He seemed a but frustrated with life, the price of international celebrity i guess


Hes made a rod for his back with that, but itll likely irk him even more if he drifts out of the limelight


Must be disappointing for you. Looked like you had the makings of a championship side maybe 3 years ago and then lost so many. It was bad not just for Ballycastle but for the county in general. Nothing better than competition among the clubs.


Off to the celeb spotting thread surely @maroonandwhite


I’ll wait for the celeb interaction thread


Sunday’s pre season kelly cup game is gonna be off the chain


There is surely a more appropriate thread for this local pissing match?




If you are going to get pissy and release a statement at least spell check the fucking thing.


There’s a few dingers in there alright.