Club Championships 2019


Dunamaggin won by 3


Fuckin cunts


So where are youse at this year? Any of your players back from their travels?


Charleville up by 3 points after 26 mins


Are oranmore in it at all?


Only a goal in it .


6 now ; Goal


Stream live . Now half time


Was following buff… oranmore are in trouble


Charleville keeper using non standard sliotar ?


Charleville down to 14 .


Charleville down to 13.


Great to see those cunts bate.


As far as i know there are 7 away between the States and Oz. No word of any definite returns so just have to work away with the young ones.


Charleville threw it away. Discipline was brutal.


Did oranmore win? I was in edinburgh with one of their backing team who flew tho schipol at 5 am and then to dublin from there to get back for it.
My stream packed in at half time and I didn’t pursue it as they were getting well beaten.


They won by six. Delighted for them.



Thats a good result for them. Fitzgibbon was lording it in the first half, the ref was giving oranmore nowt, and it looked like they were plsying with a very strong wind. Great comeback for them.


Those Charleville lads would be of very dubious character.