Club Championships 2019


Is he full forward ?


Yeah 14 but eanna burke seems to be switching with him a bit. Sweeper beside him i suppose is bothering him


Ref better never be let near a Killkenny game


Beaufort giving Easkey an unmerciful trimming in the junior football.


Agree he can be hit and miss. Days he’ll hit everything and next day he’ll miss half. To be fair It hink he’s hitting into the breeze there so far.


One point from play for the nordies, albeit wind looks bad. Dont foul and that should be enough.

Kerry clubs clean house in these junior and intermediate all irelands


How many senior clubs in Kerry? Something like 10/12 . Serious standard underneath that with junior and internediate lads exposed to senior football with the divisions.


ST Thomas are first to everything, unchallenged in the air and their simple running off the ball seems to have Cushendall baffled. It could get embarrassing


It’ll get filthy if it gets embarressing.


That was a terrific point but what those 2 frees were for?


8 senior football clubs in Kerry.


Proper Cushendall roaster in the crowd there with his programme tucked into his wooly hat to act as a sun visor


Should be a great final if Thomas’s don’t fall asleep.


You’re like a boy that picked a suitable name


Lovely pass for the goal there.


WTF? soft frees here


The last two have been very harmless


Thomas’s big guns would want to get going.


Cushendall woken up a bit. Making a game of it


This is for the taking by the Glensmen .