Club Championships 2019


Serious chance for Cushendall here. St Thomas gone out of it completely


A tight pitch and difficult weather can be a great leveller.


They’d be known as a bit of a second half team. Seen them recovering big deficits in second half in the last few years. But I still think Thomas’ will come again


You’re some bollox. No credit to Cushendall at all?


Thomas’s way too loose, letting runners go off the tackled player for easy pop handpasses for the last few scores


Their No.5 Campbell has been the best man on the pitch so far


Conor Cooney’s body language is terrible when things are going bad


Only one winner now


hurling? :grin:


What did St. Thomas lead by? 7?


If Graffin goes off it’ll be a big blow to Cushendall




5 mins extra and teeje binned


Why is Teege enclosed?


TJ verbalizing


That was a great passage of play


Put it over the bar ta fuck, eejit


WHy did he go for goal?


Went for glory


Soft free to the nordies incoming to force the draw