Club Championships 2019


Nice insurance point


That’s the insurance point


Greedy bastard


The BIG2 championships meet in the final.

Is that one munster winner in 15 years now? SAD


Ballygunner had to bring more to beat a club of ballyhale’s pedigree .


The non penalty for tim o Sullivan the game changer.


If the game was played in July ballyhale would have won point a man


The amount of egg on the faces of those who claimed Shefflin had no business taking the Ballyhale job gets ever bigger.

A Solskjaer-esque coaching performance.


Whereabouts are you from mate? I assumed south Galway but a south Galway man shouting for another south Galway team would be very wrong


Where are you from you gimp.

I have a grudging respect for them, like all clubs theres wankers and sound lads in their ranks. I wont be jumping up and down supporting them but i hope they win. There’s other clubs in galway i wouldn’t be as fond of.


Why are you such an angry person?


Im not, you’re just a sensitive one


2 Ballyg players scored 3 points from play…sure they’re not even a hurling team


Big Natty must have wanted home early and didn’t fancy extra time. Poor decision. Cushendall didn’t actually get ahead during their period of dominance in the 2nd half which they needed too. Big performances from Campbell, Paddy Burke and Graffin in 2nd half. They will be sick.


Aye. Maybe if they’d got their noses in front … maybe if Natty had pointed… I’m dsappointed. They could have taken it.

However, at club level, we’re not that far behind the big boys. It’s just that they have more clubs than we have.

You a Ballycastle man or Armoy?


Black and amber side.


Big shock on the cards in Croke park as Castleblayney are beating Dunnamaggin with 25mins to go.


I read online somewhere yesterday that Dunamaggin were 66/1 on to win.


17 point handicap i think.


Why is it that I want to see Dunnamaggin lose today? Oh yeah, coz they’re a shower of cunting cunts, that’s why!

Go ‘Blaney