Coffee thread, aka a thread for spoofers

I have more of a preference for coffee than tea so I feel the need to start a coffee thread rather than post on the tea thread. Drink a bit too much of it…roughly 5 or 6 cups a day. My brother invested in a mini coffee machine from Starbucks at christmas…fantastic, nicest coffee iv had in my life, I was like a insomniac I drank so much. O Briens black coffee is absolute muck…undrinkable for me. I was at this marketing thing up in UCD last year where Brody Sweeney was givin a talk, he was talkin about Starbucks and said ‘Starbucks has a excellent marketing team in the way so many people buy their coffee even though its horrible’ someone raised their hand and shot back ‘O Briens must have a even better marketing team if there able to sell even worse coffee’ Just thought id share that little anecdote.

Anyway goin to have a cup now so gluck

Have 1 cup of day between 10am and 11am. More of a tea person but the tea here is absolutely shite. Like mine with milk and 1 sugar. No prefernce for flavours etc as I couldn’t tell one from the other but Maxwell house has always been the “full solid finest”

Up 'till New Years I drank one Grande Latte and a pot of fresh a day. Down now to one latte and one half cup. I never touch instant. McDonalds do great coffee, Starbucks is muck.

Can’t tell between them either. The gayest coffee I ever had was something calle a ‘vanilla latte’ or something along those lines. It was actually lovely but cost about three quid so as the fella said fuck that.

they done a survey in new york last year and mcdonalds turned out to be the best coffee in the city,dont drink coffee myself but people who do tell me its true

used to have 2 espressos a day but nowhave given up all caffine

I have around 4-5 cappuccinos a week. 2 or 3 after lunch during the week and another on Saturdays and Sundays when I take a stroll out to get my breakfast/lunch. There might well be an element of funboyism to drinking cappuccino. I have a cup of coffee fairly irregularly - last one I recall was Tuesday morning.

i was also a fan of the cappucino but as I want to mimic all that is good about Italy i switched to the espresso - cappucinos are frowned upon in Rome i believe


When not in Rome who gives a fuck what they think?

the way I lead my life sometimes is that Ive replaced the “what would Jesus do” slogan with “what would totti do” hence the switch



they have more experience & class in coffee drinking than we do

I never thought of that. Here’s to being better people!! Hurrah!!!

id also look to the italians to see how they make & serve pasta & pizza etc. they have more experiene & class in this regards

But they know fuck all about boiling spuds:p

I tend to follow a more American model. They have skyscrapers and no-nonsense attitudes to business.

i look to bergamo ahead of boston

I think the general rule in Italy is that it is ok to drink cappaucino once it’s prior to 10 am, any later than that is a sin.

There’s a machine at work that makes savage freshly ground coffee. Have one first thing in the morning, another mid morning and then one about 3 to get me through the last few hours, black one sugar.
Wouldn’t be a big fan of instant, i’ll drink it if I’m stuck but I’d put a drop of milk in it.

What do ye think of o briens coffee? absolute tripe i cant drink it. Never got into latte and cappacinos im what they call lactose intollerant so black coffee is my caffine fix, and about 3 cans of red bull:)