College grant application

Without the usual thumb up the hole advice (go tapaidh)
I’ve a guy hoping to get to college in the summer.
Have no idea about applying for grants etc, his mother’s not Irish so is in the same boat.
CAO filled out etcetc - UCC- Mary I- NUIG.
He’s been with me since a kid most of the time, 5/7 days, but his mum gets the children’s allowance etc (lost her job)
So I presume it’ll be her applying for the grants, or can he do it himself? (18 next month)
Anyone with any pointers I’d appreciate
Minus the thumb up the hole, thank you

There’s the SUSI grant that he may be able to use if your income isn’t above a certain level. Depending on area he’s from he may also be able to avail of the Access scheme. What course is he hoping to do? PE teaching in UL or DCU?

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SUSI gives the grants

Google them

Spunout gives good advice

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Arts then apply for teaching at which ever college he gets to, won’t get the points for pe

Thank you

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Thank you :+1:

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My income is F all atm, neither is his mum’s, I’ve a few bob put away hopefully for a run a round car for him, in his cu account, hope this won’t affect the grant?

All online. Susi.

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SUSI helped me get through college when money was very tight at home. Filling out application can be a bit stressful but well worth it. Generally found the SUSI staff very helpful too but they get a lot of flack over late payment.

Best of luck to ye btw.


Thanks, feckin dreading it forms and me

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Ah v good thanks

In fairness it’s well worth it in the end and the SUSI folk will literally talk you through it over the phone. Covered me full registration frees for 4 years and gave petrol money on top of that every month. I defo wouldn’t have any sort of qualification without that financial assistance.


Joking me?that’s unreal

I already have an innovative way of saving you money based on that post

Doesn’t involve a balaclava or a thumb up the hole by any chance?
Go on I took the bait

I think there’s potentially a higher monthly rate too depending on financial circumstances (may have changed since 2015). There’s a lot wrong with this country but in fairness for third level there’s a lot of support given for those of us that needed it.

Goes without saying but you have any questions about anything please feel free to drop me a line btw. I’m 6 years outta the SUSI system but hopefully not too far out to give ya me own experience.

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That’s brilliant thanks to all


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If he ends up in Mary I, check in with a few of the alumni here @Thomas_Brady and myself. TB would know absolutely everybody in there.

He won’t be doing the SUSI applications etc until he’s got a place offered AFAIK.

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Considering we’re 8/9 miles from college