Colm Cooper


I won’t object to the assertion that Gooch is a mutant however and here is his reaction at the final whistle today:


Was it not mature recollection?

By the way Sid your trying too hard here since full time. Theres nothing for Dublin to fear there today.


He’s a legend


put a spoiler up FFS


On mature recollection, and having seen the video evidence, it is “mature reflection”. I believe that “mature recollection” has entered the public conciousness in the same way Dev’s “comely maidens” speech did.


Your a cunt but a funny one :clap:



  • 1 on Cooper. Anyone who enjoys sport would have been enthralled by his performance.


And the rest?


please rephrase that, like immigrants and faggots, it makes no sense to me




I did laugh but soon realised that the likeness is uncanny.


mbb thought he was poor today


Why is Colm Cooper called Gooch?


Former Crokes goalie Peter O Brien stuck it on him one day. Cooper claims not to know where it came out of.


Thanks mate. Why is MyBoyBlue called MyBoyBlue?


An appreciation for Frank the Tank and his man love of his boy blue.


I have no idea what any of this means, though I’m sure its very funny. I really have to get with popular culture.


Watch Old School.


Watch Old School.