I’ll go with 12.


It feels like you’ve taken a few concussions on here of late nimby.


I see fotf Aislinn Thompson is the latest sporting celebrity concussee. And she has admitted to getting a very important persons name wrong. :eek:


Ah that’s just hilarious. I know nothing of this girl but she’s trying damn hard to put herself out there.


has she suffered from depression also?
this is key,
was in the car there and had Radio Ireland on , Popey was waffling on about rugby then about art and then at the end fires in a beauty about having mental health issues and depression


Yes. She suffers from depression.

She’s like a female Paul Galvin, a cunt.


Bressie will be seething with the focus shifting from depression to concussion. Luckily for him he played rugby football so he’ll get involved in the concussion debate soon enough to regain his share of the limelight. It’s probably worth him combining the two for greatest media impact - how my my rugby football concussion led to anxiety attacks and then depression.


I hope nobody rings Kevin Murray on private number at midnight this weekend.


She’ a fucking attention seeking spastic…END OF


I think she’s a lovely girl.


Don’t even go there!!!


There is definitely an angle there for him alright. I haven’t read his book but I assume Jeffreys character development could take a pivot and somehow couple concussion with generalized anxiety.

Anything is possible, Brezzie just has to visualize it.




Get over yourself.


I’ve heard very similar from someone in the camogie world. Apparently a lot of people expressed surprise at her story about the boyfriend and suicide.


Jeffery was born out of a concussion.


I’d say that alright. Her and that Geary one are a pair of attention seeking Cork cunts.


And not all that well liked in Milford!!


What, that it’s fabricated? Seems to be aiming to carve a niche in the media and the media are worse to be entertaining it - it’s cringe at this stage


Plus one.