A lot of nasty, small minded idiots posting here.


Are they from the same club?


are you depressed pal?


They both play for milford, neither from the parish though!!


How the fuck did that happen? I thought you could only play for your parish down the country, well according to Donal Og?


In Geary’s case Dromcollogher don’t have a camoige team but Newtown (Thompson) do so don’t what happened there!!


I didn’t know Geary was from Drom


I was only told that recently when one of the Drom lads was giving out about her “carry on”…Just over the border apparently. Her father would have hurled for Drom back in the day. Was also told a story that there was a Limerick flag placed outside their gate before one of the recent Munster finals which was mysteriously removed less than an hour later!!


ok guys, you do realise you are talking about camogie

get a grip


Could be the same hoor removing Kev’s signs from around the place.

Geary’s dream is to be the next Joanne Cantwell.


That or Marty Party’s bit on the side!!!


Wasnt there a lad on here seething about Geary before and how she fucked over Limerick or something?


Don’t recall that, possibly before my time!!


Nah twas only a few weeks ago, give it time, someone will remember.


Twas either @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi @ProjectX or some other Limerick loonball


Not me, that person would not register on my radar.


Neil Francis in the Indo.

“Nobody has said a word about Johnny Sexton. I hope that we have been told the truth and that the player recovers himself fully before he is risked again.”



Can you get odds on Sexton being Ko’d again at the weekend?

Are you more susceptable to concussion if it’s a short time frame or is it just really dangerous?


Yeah getting a big blow while still concussed simply will shave years off your life one way or the other.
He might not have a lingering one but is there not a rule about multiple concussions and sitting out games/time?


Shur you can’t have concussion from a groin strain.