The heavy tackle must have knocked his brain nearer his groin




For shame @Fran, the hopes of nation rest on his tackle this Sunday afternoon


I’m seething ar this. If she’s Drom parish gem she’s a Limerick woman. Despicable carry on.


The IRFU doctor has clearly stepped in and stopped a concussed sexton from playing tomorrow. :clap:


Mind games pal. Sexton was never playing.




Me man the doctor is a breast surgeon. :smile:


Was being discussed in the anti rugby thread, he appears to be an utter prick. The referee mugged him right off


The ball was nearly 100 yards away!


Not content with cornering the depression and suicide angles, this wan is giving the concussion debate another rattle. The female Bressie.


How can you get concussed in camogie anyway?


She got concussed in the All Ireland final and thanked the wrong Kevin in her speech.


She was also involved in a serious car accident with severe back and neck injuries.

She was kept overnight in the hospital and released the day after. This one has a penchant for the dramatics.

How do you get concussed in camogie anyway?


You could get a bang on the helmet with a hurley?


From a woman?


I hadn’t thought of that.


Sorry what now?


This’ll do it I’d say

The I'd lick a Tramp's ballbag for a like thread..dungeon

Take that, ya bitch!