The most surprising thing for me in all of it is that there wasn’t at least a recorded injury in every game. I couldn’t tell you the last game I was at in any sport at any level where there wasn’t an injury of some description be it as minor as a rolled ankle or a hammy or something

Is she looking across the levels? School ,club and international? That would be an interesting comparison. And then the comparison with age grade international.

It’s entirely based on hearsay and conjecture.


I was at one last night.

Methodology in later post… just schools senior. Id say injury profile on a vertical line up as you go up on levels and materially down the more “casual” the level is

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Will you send me on the full presentation so pal id love to see the full thing iv only seen the slide deck… it’s an interesting topic that I’d like to learn more about

Of course it is entirely based on hearsay and conjecture.
It is completely unscientific. A PhD should be a rigorous scientific thesis, not some random opinion piece.

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I couldn’t say I haven’t seen the full paper. I’m open to the fact it is. Could you send it onto me so I can have a look for myself?

Very good looking in real life FYI

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I saw her doing physio there at a cork con match one day. She is much taller than I thought

Yeah she must be nearly 6 foot. I chatted to her a bit (very briefly) at the Limerick Clare match in Ennis last year. She has a lovely smile (amongst other things)

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Tell that to those Mary I wasters @Thomas_Brady and @caulifloweredneanderthal

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Shes a cracker alright. The club physio was out one night and they got her in. The queue for the rub downs was longer than usual

I was gonna burst his bubble but let it off. I’m glad you said it. Someone needed to.