Should be ok in a few days so. If not go to a doctor. If you were concussed be wary of playing again for a few weeks


Don’t mind that aul cobblers fellas today are too soft you’ll run it off


Bit of a sensationalist headline perhaps. Also seems strange to publish a dead mans diaries, per se. Hard to know what to make of it really.


Have you read it?


Yes, its complete hearsay, just him making his own conclusions from a few journal entries and stories of headaches. He did ineed have 4 head injuries in 16 months I’m sure, but there’s nothing to say one way or the other.

As for the publishing of the diaries, he’s free to do what he wants with them, just not sure how I’d feel about the publishing of something a man writes purely for his own use.


That’s what it sounds like from the review. I was wondering what the book was like otherwise. I am constantly disappointed by GAA books as they are generally awful. Anything half decent, like last man standing gets blown out of all proportion as a reult. (the club is actually the poster boy for a mediocre book reading like a relative epic)
The tendency of anyone quoting a gaa “star” or writing about one to invent a new tense, some sort of pluperfect passive, e.g. “a.n.other would have been a great man for the spuds” also boils my piss.


GGA players tend to be awful dullards.


The majority of sports people tend to be awful dullards


Thank God for Conor McGregor.


Successful ones often are, but anyone interesting generally gets misinterpreted and hung drawn and quartered in the press.
It’s gaa writers that need to up their game however.


Conor mcgregor may be many things, but dull isn’t one of them.


Print editions of his book might not sell very well, but his fans will snap up the audiobook.


The problem with GAA books is they are all amateurs players who have to get up for work in the morning. It doesn’t leave much time for the other more interesting stuff.


The majority of people tend to be dullards


A good writer can make epl soccerballing seem vaguely interesting and glamorous, hence, I presume, it’s popularity, for as a standalone product it is utter dross.


I was approaching the deli counter yesterday (my demeanour: ravenous, unfocused, a little frazzled) and there was a headline on the newspaper stand that caught my eye about these “bizarre, creepy texts” in connection with McAnallen’s death. It mentioned nothing about squash, just left it open as “disturbing” texts that were eventually discounted by the authorities. I see they’ve elected to include the content of the texts and the context today.

I know there’s a book to sell, but it’s all a little unsavoury tbh.


@grapes is concussed


Jesus thats fucking bizarre behaviour to sell a book given the subject matter. Whats wrong with these people?


Here’s a genuine post. When @Bandage isn’t trying (often successfully) to wind me up, he is more entertaining, informative and eloquent than the vast majority of the major sports writers currently employed by the main Irish media outlets.
I do genuinely think his pal would make a very good sports journalist, and be successful quite quickly, if he or she so wished.


The relative silence on here and elsewhere about Cormac McAnallan brother raising the potential that his brother death may have been linked to head injuries received playing GAA is telling but unsurprising. The prospect will rightly terrify GAA people.

Serious sweep sweeping going on in TFK tbf. Onfuckingbelievable sweep sweeping in fact…

Heard the author on radio last night. Book will be decent hopefully. Wasnt an easy decision to publish content of private diary Im sure.