The two best GAA books are Hunphries on Dublin and Kerry and Mick Foley on Offaly halting the five in a row in 82. Both stand up as good as any books on any sport


Humphreys was a paedo mate


The messages are extremely bland and any attempt to read anything sinister into them is bizarre

Does the brother need the money or want the attention?


Id need to see the context within the book of the bit about texts. Could be one paragraph in a chapter just bastardised by paper for cheap headline


Did you read the article?


Article sets it out.


I did. Just always distrustful of the extracts in the paper


The part where he went through it in depth?


Comments here aroubd how badly does he want to sell the book etc. The sum total of discussion around the texts might come to a half page of 200 in the book. But perhaps given a far bigger significance as it is a cheap headline. Not that difficult to understand


Of course it’s a cheap headline. But did you read the part of the article where it was all conjecture? TBH the entire thing doesn’t sit right with me but best of luck to him.


Course it was conjecture. But their brother had just died suddenly with no obvious reason. There was texts on the phone from a number not saved in phone mentioning killing him on court. Do you think in those circumstances you would just look at the texts and think you know what thats probably nowt Il let it off


I thought we were talking about concussions?

Of course they were right to check the texts at the time, but to put them in a book now is sensationalism. It doesn’t sit right


Look at the posts of mine you were responding to


I’ll take your word for it, apologies


Topic d’jour ?


Former Leinster and Ireland player Dominic Ryan has been stood down for 12 weeks, due to repeated concussion.


Not a leinster player


Sweep sweep


Just correcting a factual inaccuracy. It would be like saying armagh star cathal mccarron in porn movie. Or Donegal star in dog fighting scandal. Just factually inaccurate


Sweep Sweep.