Connacht Rugby Bandwagon Thread

Lazarus signing in.
We need to get behind the team. They stand tall and brave in the face of all adversity and now find themselves on the brink of history, ie they might actually qualify for the Heineken Cup. Munsters sick reign is about to come to its end today at the sportground, and it will be a real ‘I watched it on telly’ moment. Billy Keane can shove it up his hole, everyone knows Connacht are the coming team in Rugby football. Our captain is called Muldoon too, what more do ye want ffs?
Lo Li the fields etc…

As the resident Connacht updater on the rugby thread I’m signing in. I got the train to Galway once so that qualifies me to have a seat on the bandwagon.

wahey :guns: :guns: connacht abu

This thread is a couple of years too late. All the Irish representatives will lose in their European semi-finals and then we can wave goodbye to rugby football on this island.

I have watched Connacht play in the sportsground and Dubarry Park, I qualify. Of course Portlaoise CBS alumni Colm Rigney wore the green of Connacht with some distinction in the past. :clap:

why do people in Galway call an Irish breakfast a full english?

Its their Spanish heritage.

Welcome aboard the bandwagon everyone. :barcasmile:

Signing in

I believe Paul O’Connell has been dropped. Finally McGahan has some sense.

O Connell is the sensible one, he knows better than to engage in a rugby football contest against the mighty Connacht men.

Ulster says no


John Muldoon, our ‘spiritual leader’

any link for this titanic struggle laz

Im glued to my seat watching on Setanta Massey although I do have go to the shop yet to buy the Sunday papers. Dunno about links to be honest but I’ll have a root around for ya.

20 mins gone and Connacht more than holding their own against the best club team in world rugby.

Munster’s backs are dire.

Cant find any link massy, sozzy. It might be on but I think you have to be a member or something, if you wanna try that.
Connacht are winning 7-6 after a superbly worked try finished by Johnny O Connor. I have noticed a lot of heavey tackles in the game. Munster just scored a jammy enough try there, the jammy fooks.

no worries laz listening on galway bay fm itll have to do