Connacht Rugby Bandwagon Thread

Despite me being within the Connacht boundary, I hold absolutely no allegiance to a representative rugby team from my ‘province’.

If only people from Munster had the same attitude, the world would be a much better place.

I think Grainne Seoige’s lisp comes from that too.

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Gallant Connacht serving up some sweet ladyboy ass at the sportsgrounds as we speak and playing some ‘champagne rugby’ (according to the lads on Setanta) in so doing. Its easy when you know how
17 to 3, 50 mins played

Tremendous stuff from the Western province, champagne rugby at times. Would be worried about the injuries they’re picking up though in the last 2 games. The should be able to finish this out.

Shambolic defending there from Leinster, embarassing, whether it be legal or not, you put a man there!

Yet another try for the mighty Westerners. Difficult to see how Leinster rugby football will ever recover from to night.

I used to watch Connacht regularly once upon a time but I got bored of the cunts.

I’m not sure what was worse, the G4 knobends in the crowd or the fact that they made the Galway United games look like el clasico for atmosphere.

In fairness Im only a Connacht bandwagon supporter myself(and proud of it!) but mates of mine who’d be well into their rugby reckon the atmosphere at the sportsground has been unreal this year. Not bad for what is essentially a dogtrack. I’ll give you Terryland, I’ve seen more atmosphere at junior B camogie.

Double scores :clap: :clap:
Its clear now that Leinster are only the Henieken Cup Champions because Connacht wern’t in it last year -_-

Hon ta fook Connacht


just reading that post for the 1st time- one of the finest posts in this forums history

Signing in. cmon ta fook connacht

Read it again, it doesnt stand up to repeated perusal.

hopefully whoever they are playing destroy them


The Wests Awake…

Wilkinson will be the key. If he plays well, Connacht will win.

Muldoon off to a stormer here. Connacht in serious bother though when Toulon run at them.

Jonny looks fucked here.

COnnacht will do well to get out of here…

EDIT Balls to that. Toulon deserve that, but I wonder about that knock on on the far side that lead to this.