Conor Bradley Liverpool and Norn Iron

Talk of Liverpool’s Conor Bradley defecting from Norn Iron to the Republic. Meant to be a great prospect. Baraclough has come out and denied it but i cannot understand how Bradley who comes from a nationalist background could have any interest in playing for Norn Iron.

I’d hazard a guess but maybe it’s because he’s born there.

Young people like Rory McIlroy don’t get bogged down in sectarian hatred and identify as being from Northern Ireland.

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Time heals everything as they say.

If he sees himself as a British subject that’s his right.

Most be a Tyrone thing. Niall McGinn another man to take the Norn Iron soup.

I’ve been to a few Northern Ireland internationals in Windsor Park. You certainly would not feel welcome there as a nationalist. Regardless of who they are playing

Spock probably doesn’t want to piss off themmuns, the coward.

The FAI seemed to have stopped trying to get northern players to declare in recent years.

Kenny shouldnt have to convince Bradley to move. Look at Sykes, prepared to give up an international career rather than play for Norn Iron. A proper Irishman.

You’re an awful bigot

Of course he should.

That’s how it works.

He has a career to think about. Why isn’t Spock making him feel wanted. You don’t seem to have a clue on anything.

These defectors aren’t helping the situation to be honest,

Should they be forced to play in front of a crowd that doesn’t want them?

Neil Lennon did that and got bullets in the post

I doubt whether this lad stays or goes will have much effect on the UVF flags that line the streets into the stadium

Difficult situation but every time a Northern player declares for the Republic it’s throwing a bit more fuel in the fire, it’s not helping anyway

I can understand a young lad from an even mildly nationalist area/background not been overly keen to play at Windsor Park

You’re fellow countymen seem to need the most convincing.

Are you saying they should play for and represent these hate filled sectarian bigots? When NI sort their shit out then nationalists might stop going to the republic. These lads are 100% in the right… Next you’ll be asking for nationalists areas to open back up to orange parades…

That’s a dumb comparison, I was making a serious point.

Nothing will change :man_shrugging:

It’s Catholics/Nationalists fault. They should stop looking to defect from a team that openly hates them. It certainly doesn’t help anyway. Just put up with the sectarian hate and get on with it.