Coppers - get here now


woman to lad ratio of 5:1 and they’re all hot. Get in ta fuck


Posting on your phone from Copper’s?

Magnificent. :mad:


[quote=“Bandage”]Posting on your phone from Copper’s?

poor old mac is wingmanless


“and they’re all hot”



fuck coppers normanbie kicks its arse


“and they’re all hot”



100% right Mac. It was fooking epic last night. Such a contrast to Friday night when it was wall to wall sausage (tip of the hat to Jugs though who found success in the usual berth outside the birds shitter on the lower floor).

Pity I didn’t check my phone earlier, I too was left without a wingman for the last half hour.


Fuck it. Was the Saturday night alright and from what I rememember it was a sausage fest.


I believe it was. Avoided going out Saturday night myself though so I’m going on second hand accounts.

I’m gonna go again tonight.


I think I was supposed to be the wingman art, oh well


Is there an explanation for the ratio?

All the fellas were out all day Saturday and were ruined the following day and the girls without an interest[+ the chronics, naturally] were out.


Had a feeling last night might have been the night to be out but I was stuck indoors as I’m in work today, and plus I had a good night on the sauce on Friday night, which included various adventures with members of the fairer sex.


Various positions I presume you mean!


Well, more than I can count on one hand anyway :smiley:


Thinly veiled, ‘I’m gagging to inform randomers on the internet that I had sex last weekend.’


I’m sad to say but alot of the degenerates on this thread would fail to score if the ratio was 10:1 in their favour, even in a mart like Coppers.


Christ, I better start thickly veiling my posts, or else maybe we should all stop posting vague stuff about what we get up to at the weekend, not really as if we should be informing randomers on the internet about anything now really is it.


Thickly veiled, I’ll post about birds if I want.


didnt notice the ratio been dat much in favour of lads last nite … fuckin bank machine out of order (probably a good thing overall) … meant to say hello to ye all outside the ladies


Thinly veiled “I was mad for my hole last night.”