Cork GAA Thread 2019


A bit of a dump but popular with fans on the wayout to the park


It had turned hipster the last few years .


Jaysus it was far from hipsters in there the night Graham Mulcahy walked all over the big Cork lad below in the park (but not many around here might remember that event)


Ah that’s a pity. I liked it. Prime real estate I suppose


the owner had a very good eye for bar staff. Some absolute stunners.

Not prime real estate though, you’d never wander up there from a night out in the City. It’s on the edge where there’s fuck all after. Unless you started there and wandered in


Bad location for a pub. But prime real estate for an office or something. Apart for the fact that it’s built on a flood plain obviously


It’s been hipsterish for five years or more I’d say, did they let the savages in that night?


Yup - being sold for big bucks


We walked all over ye below in the Pairc and then walked all over ye in the Sextant


it’ll be a tear down and start again job. Old building.

What pubs are left up there now… There are a few shitholes up around the corner.


Sush will you. @chocolatemice has relocated to Cork. He won’t let old buildings be knocked down without an e- fight


Cork City is hideous - they can do what they want.


particularly bad up there.


Absolutely unreal. He should be posting in the Homegrown Talent thread.


it appears from the article that he was a she.


That part of town has always supported a few pubs, at one stage the pubs up past city hall were some of the busiest in town, (Phoenix, Donkeys ears, Lobby, Charlie’s), the Idle Hour is a great spot,
And that area is lovely, a historic corner of Cork, certainly not one of the worst parts


Is the idle hour the one with the early opening license on the corner up the block from the Sextant?

Ah it looks like shite to me bud. You’ve got big glass monstrosities or big old grey monstrosities all around Albert Quay.


Idle hour is 9:30am opening and Charlie’s opens at 7am…


you’d see a load of lads on nights coming out of there around 2pm some days absolutely sideways


I’d say it gets fair busy on RAG week :smiley: