Cork GAA Thread 2019


I’d say not. The students terrorize the far end of the town. Up by Barrack Street and the Western Road.


Some daycent pubs along Barrack Street


I never wandered up that way much myself. Except work nights or something. Had a few pints in Tom Barry’s alright. We used always stay within Washington Street/Oliver Plunkett Street area


Leased not owned


Idle hour supposed to be closing in next week or two as well


Idle permanently so.


That’s a pity, I’ve alwsys liked the Idle Hour, proper pub, Jewtown is all changed


That’s not very PC mate.


The Jews were very well treated in Cark mate, did ye ever have any above in Limerick? I’m sure they were well looked after anyway


We had a few of them but we sent most of them down yer way at one stage alright.


Yes, we did. They were well looked after in Limerick.


Pogroms and Limerick? Shocked


Vvv well


ATT @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac



Championship team( hurlers) footballers shagged


That Buff is a pure simpleton, this national league of friendly hurling matches has a few lads fierce excited :smile:


Plenty of time— although Cork footballers need attention


They’ll come around again in a few years, does anybody give a shit except simple Buffy?


Say you’re right bud