Cork GAA Thread 2019


The footballers are permanently fucked.


Well for the foreseeable future, should never have sacked ( let go) Brian Cuthbert


Ah getting rid of Teddy Holland was when the rot set in.

Would ye ever consider getting an outside manager?


We should,of course,if they don’t do something rapid we’re in more trouble than half the GAA ppl in Cork relaise- love to see a Kerry manager


reflecting back, the man was treated terribly. didn’t cork draw with Kerry in the munster championship under him and had a few bad calls against them too??

Cork lads here and on the PROC were almost all scathing of him.


Correct,and lost in Kerry when they should have won,know Brian,he’s stuck in bishoptown GAA,local headmaster in Scoil an spioraid naoimh,well liked- gave that job his all,and sacrificed


Those cork guys calling for his head don’t know his pedigree, successful minor player/ manager of Cork- totally committed


Cork Football A joke
East Cork U-21 football champ fixed for same weekends as Rebel Og East Minor league Football. 3,weeks of this. 23/24 Feb 9/10 March 23/24 March.
Laughable. Communication at its best.


Saw this posted by a former member on Twitter


Usual shite


Jaaaaaysus. How’s Kev anyways?


Ah so that’s who @caoimhaoin was/is!


He is an awful loss @caoimhaoin


Great to see him doing well.


@Turenne great day for cork hurling. Will bring back some memories for your brother.


Not sure he is overly bothered.

The two games being streamed?


No. Delayed coverage on munsterpps i think


Lads bleating on about the Harty last night at training. :roll_eyes: I asked how come a Munster title is more important than an Ireland title :roll_eyes:


Best of luck to Christians today. Unbelievably significant day for Cork hurling. Laaaave off the limerick lads we hold tough and win 10 of the next 20…


:laughing: Yeah ye’ve done a super job of bringing through ye’re most recent prodigious talents from that good minor team, like Turnbull… Oh wait