Cork v Tipperary


What a game to kick us off @carryharry @ChocolateMice @Turenne


Tipp by 18.


This should be exhibition stuff, with both sides happy to hit points for fun and not get overly bothered with drudgery like defending or “intinsity”.

Tipp should win by 8-12 points in the end though.


You spell Tipperary correctly, you little bollix.:rage:


I’ve a ‘tip’ for you Joe, don’t waste your time watching, walk your dog or something instead.


Joe’s dog, Davy, up and ran away last year. Reported sightings on the east coast but the search has been suspended for 8 weeks, or two games.


Tipp to win by as much as they feel like. I’d struggle to name a single Cork lad that would get on the Tipp team right now


He’s helping Wexford develop @Mac no hopers @Mullach_Ide Prick see ye in July


What are the betting odds @Turenne


Surely Tipp are still psychologically damaged after the whipping they got a few weeks ago? Do Cork have any big lads they can put out and give them another dose of up close and personal which we know the windy fuckers hate.


Would be nearly worth recalling Timmy Mccarthy for it


Tipp 2/7, Cork 3/1 and the draw 11/1 on ladbrokes now


Tipp by 21 points


Nope, not one.

If Tipp’s fullback line has another horror show like against Galway, then the pace of the Cork forwards might make a game of it, but it could get pretty ugly at the other end of the pitch if Tipp are any way arsed.


Cork are worth a 10 bob bet


Well it’s your money but I won’t be touching them. I heard somewhere that the handicap on Tipp is -4 and I’ll be all over that.



They do. @caoimhaoin is starting at full back. He’s hoping to emulate Diarmuid O’Sullivan and has a similar sounding nickname.


I’ve found out why discussion of the opening game of the Munster Championship died on its arse on TFK. Classic @Fitzy


Calling @caulifloweredneanderthal