Cork v Tipperary


You are right there.


You’d think these lads would just be happy to have won a match


Maybe they’re upset with how wrong they got it


Or maybe like a fox he lulled everyone on the INTERNET into a false sense of security?


Cork Hurlers are like mushrooms, they grow overnight


Thinly veiled - I’m a bigger supporter than anyone else there Kevin…


Its not a great example of “thinly veiled”.

If its anything but not true then its simply total bullshit


You just confirmed the faux humility present in the post with that reply. :grinning:
I agree if it’s not wrong it’s true!


There was humility in it? Not sure how you are getting that. Non intentional if thats what you saw.

Its more i don’t give much of a fuck about imaginary lines in the countryside as much as i once may have.


Good man Kevin, County lines only symbols of British Oppression. That’s why all the RA lads, pretend or otherwise, are huge supporters of province based sports as they are authentic Irish divisions,like our Rugby teams for example. The RA lads love our provincial rugby teams.


cc @the_man_himself

Not too late to get behind the Cork machine


I’m firmly behind ye in the Munster Final mate