Cork v Tipperary


Has there been any mention here on Gary Keegan’s role with Cork . Caoimhin etc … ?


You’re fishing now horse


Ya mentioned way way back. The details were dhady enough and nobody really knows his true role or amount of time involved.

But you can here the speak out of the management and players, its all typical performance jargon based talk. And its great to see, cos it works.

Whether they are actually good enough or have the ability to be truly competitive is yet to be seen, but for a few years now they have been playing with their hands tied behind their back.


Didn’t intend to so I’ll delete the comment.

Just having a bit of craic with my good pal @Joe_Player


Not to repeat the Kilkenny cliche but by all accounts the dublin training games are vicious, lads going through walls and each other desperate to get starting. I suppose gavin selected the personalities to keep that ethos going.


Just watching the highlights again, the defending for both Cork goals was absolutely shocking.


According to some lads, it isn’t proper championship hurling unless there are half a dozen frontal charges, endless rucks, a few attempted beheadings and a forest worth of hurleys broken. Christ what Kilkenny and Wahurford have done to hurling.


Don’t be such a pisspants


Cork win a big game and he’s more worried about what others think… Snowflake cunt.


Cork v limerick final I heard bad news for clare


Bar Biddy Early rising from the grave, Clare will beat Limerick.


Good odds on limerick easy money


I hope you backed them so. What price did you get?



Congratulations to all the Cork posters here. Ye must be feeling ecstatic over the win on Sunday. That kindling feeling of hope starting to fire up in the belly again. It’s great to have ye back.


To be honest i just enjoyed the game. I don’t really get too excited either way whether Cork win or not. Obviously one would know a few more people involved or whatever, but i pretty much solely watch for entertainment and to see can i pick anything up tactically.


Fair play Kev. It was a very important win for Cork.


Yes it was, if its a false dawn or not remains to be seen.
Did they dicate the tactics and the oattern of play and not allow Tipp dominate? Or did Tipp come in slack? Probably a bit of both.

Waterford is a different proposition. It will be remarkably hard to repeat. And lets say they don’t then they will really be tested.

Win though and the momentum will be huge.


If Cork beat Waterford convincingly then everyone will have to see them as serious AI contenders IMO.


That’s a good handle on it.