Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling

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Waterford by 5

I was reliably informed last night that Austin Gleeson is back to his best.

Deise by 6.

Great to hear after his two bad years .


I thought he was finished to be honest. He really went through a prolonged slump there.

They were playing him at full-forward in challenge matches.

Waterford will hammer them. Cork have beaten nothing so far.


He’s been held back all year.

He’ll do untold in the championship.

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POTY Gleeson back to best for season opener.

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Waterford will win this. Cork aren’t ready to compete against 14 gym monkey stick wielding mullockers (and Austin Gleeson) standing behind the half-way line spoiling and rucking for 70 minutes.

They only way we win is if we don’t concede any goals and Cadogan/Lehane/Meade/Horgan hit a dozen plus wonder points from ridiculous angles.

Going through the qualifiers is all the same anyway.

Never underestimate the burden of expectation, particularly with teams like Waterford, Limerick, Galway and you might even throw Wexford into the pot this year.

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Given that everyone expects Limerick to be dire I hope they fail completely to uphold that expectation.

I’d fancy Cork for this, more on the hunch that Waterford’s setup has gone stale and that they will go backwards this year.

That’s my point. Cork are the definition of cute huarism. They’ll all be going around saying that twas “only a once off” or they caught Tipp on a bad day. Before you know it they’ll be heading for Coker. Teams like Limerick and Waterford come from nowhere and put in a decent season and when the expectation to kick on doesn’t materialise we are gone again for years.

Agreed. Cork will win this.

I wonder will Waterford take the shackles off and go for it this year. I think they may well.

I fancy Cork as well. The trajectory is very like 1999, with a team stuffed with young lads coming out of nowhere and hurling with abandon and beating all around them.

Welcome to the bandwagon Fagan. Cork are coming like a train. They’ll win a couple over the next 10 years.

…out of nowhere? Do you mean besides the AI Minor in 95 and the U-21 in 97?

I do yeah. And the league in 98. Exactly what I mean.