Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


Cork are the real deal. Oh yes.


Back, like


Choo Choo


I said we’d win this by 5-6 points.


A disgrace fans invading pitches like this


Limerickesque scenes


Say that to Wexford fans, it’s a specialty for them


waterford over hyped fucking ozzzy me whole


Cork’s use of the ball when they went down to 14 was superb. Very intelligent, astute enough to change the game when they needed to.

Cork vs Clare should be a humdinger. Hard to predict a winner. Two teams interested only in attacking, but - shock and horror - Cork probably have the advantage in defence. :fearful:


McGrath’s setup looks completely bankrupt after today. Nowhere near good enough. They might raise a gallop yet but change clearly needed.


Super player. And he makes the rest of them look good too




They just don’t have the scoring forwards. Simple as that.


can clare win have we any hope




Great puck-outs by Nash.


Is that cunt Nash exaggerating his Cork accent?


Well done Cork.


Nope, that’s the Cork accent, bouy


No hope Joe. Look at those scenes as fans stomp all over Semples sod. They’re on a wave of emotion, they’re back.

Stay at home & watch the horror show on TV.