Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling


He missed 4. Two in each half. Really sucks the wind out of a team when that happens. The miss on half time was a game changer.


Ye needed that one alright


20 and TBH for a town of its size Charleville has been a joke . It is 5 miles from Kilmallock and there is some difference .


Everyone is ‘slick’ handpassing these days. I think the refs have so much grappling to moderate, that they let this go.


That is insanity.


Waterford didn’t really set up defensively though. they played 4 men in the half forward line and two inside. Their forwards made no impact though and the likes of Moran who is normally such an effective ball carrier for them was not in the game at all.

They played man for man at the back and were completely undermined by their full back being beaten by every ball that was put in on top of him and the rest of their backs lost their nerve. Barron was the only one who really won his battle, they were well beaten all over the pitch.


Personally I’ve no issue with the ‘slick’ handpassing just as long as you can see two movements (i.e. they aren’t throwing it). Considering defenders are constantly holding the lad in possession’s hand or arm, I think its fair compensation.


I agree.
Some lads are just throwing it, but they have little choice. You rarely see an action photo of hurling in which someone isn’t being fouled tbh.


Dom Foley excepted


Is Fitzgibbon not actually from Colmanswell in Limerick but commenced his hurling with Charleville instead of his parish club, the Castletown Conyers?


Can we force him to play for us?


We’ll give Cork back Shaun O’Riordan and Beefy’s young fella in exchange.


Waterford were just bad yesterday tactics or whatever aside. Aussie/Ozzie/auzzie mishit two sidelines, and there was lots of stuff like that, that would never happen another day. They just weren’t there mentally or physically or whatever. Whether they did too much or too little in the run up they were obviously not right on the day. Uncharacteristically poor performances all over the field. Same as the Munster final last year.
Obviously Cork deserve huge credit for a lot of it, I thought they were phenomenal yesterday and in contrast looked to be brilliantly prepared. But Waterford were just terrible


Very worrying for Waterford to get that sort of performance 4 years into McGrath’s setup. You would expect there to be a floor on performance levels but they were brutal in the second half yesterday. But for SoK they were on for a 10 point beating. The fact that three of the top four teams of the last two years have been beaten already suggests that Waterford aren’t alone in struggling for form. Wouldn’t be a shock for two of them to still make the semi-finals as they’ve been the teams to produce it in July and August. McGrath himself saying beforehand that the Cork game wasn’t the be all and end all doesn’t indicate that Waterford were gunning for a big performance yesterday.


Jesus if you are not gunning and looking for a performance in a Munster semi then you may as well give up, it’s been shown that the qickest and best route to the AI is through the front door, the qualifiers this year are a mine field


It had entered my head that Waherfurd weren’t 100% up for the game, but if it’s true it’s fucking madness. The backdoor is an absolute minefield and Waterford haven’t that many Munster’s that they can be turning them down.


Not necessarily a strategic choice though. Four years of listening to the same voices, been to Croke Park the last two years in a row, they might struggle to get the fire burning for second chance hurling in June.


Still a fairly young team though. They surely have some bit of a sting left in them. They’d fancy their chance of beating any of their potential opponents in the next round on a given day. Dublin are fairly poor, Offaly and Westmeath are gimmes you’d imagine and they’d give KK plenty of it. If they can get through the qualifiers avoiding Tipp I think they could have a right rattle off someone in the QF’s. Tipp are the only team in the backdoor I wouldn’t fancy them beating on a better day.


Waterford are better set than Kilkenny right now. McGrath is playing this really cool. Hon Derek.


KK-Waterford would be a great tie now. Some appeal in KK-Tipp in Nowlan Park, but I’m not sure KK would lift themselves to the level required at this stage. Of the three big guns in the qualifiers they look to have the least upside.