Cork v Waterford 2017 hurling




they were never that gouda


Congratulations​ again Cork. It wasn’t pretty but a fair result. Where does it stop for Cork now? It would not surprise me if they went on and won the A I.


He is their first ever senior hurling representative


As is Coleman of Blarney maybe? Two reasonable sized towns now just adding to mix


I missed today’s game, slightly surprised by the result to be honest, will have to watch it back.

One thing I noticed from the match report I read, Waterford only scored 2 frees in the entire game? Did they miss a few or did Cork just not foul? That’s a very low free count.

I’ve no love for Cork but I suppose it’s good that a team playing attacking hurling wins out against teams playing defensively. McGrath has really irritated me over the past while, all this stuff with heavy training sessions and “not showing their hand” and continuing to name teams that have absolutely no relation to the team that will start, and everyone knows that. Seems like he’s overthinking things a lot.


Waterford’s championship record under Derek McGrath not a whole lot better than that of his predecessor Michael Ryan. After today it now stands P14 W5 D2 L7


At the eight minute mark surely Coleman fouled the ball by ‘dropping’ it so he didn’t go over the line with after getting shouldered by Gleeson?


Noel Connors physical state is shocking.


Fitzgibbon and Ellis are good lads for the ‘slick’ handpassing.


How could a ref tell the difference between dropping a ball and having it knocked loose in a challenge?


Cork were always good at slick hand passing lad.


In general Cork’s use of the ball was incredible. Nash’s puckouts were incredible, he was pretty much placing it into the hand of one of his half forwards every time.

Cork’s midfield always had the head up, looking to find one of their forwards who themselves were always on the move looking to receive the ball. It more or less by passed the sweeper completely, as it insured there were very few breaking balls to mop up.

By contrast, Waterford were completely without any plan in attack and regularly took on Hail Mary shots from out the field. Because they had an extra man back, whenever it did go inside their forwards were completely isolated.


When I saw him wearing that stupid woolly hat a few months ago that was it for me. Like something you’d put on a two year old.


Fucking Charleville. He’s their best ever.


In the first half yday the Cork FB came out with the ball. About 40 yds out. paused and played a short pass to a free man. If it was Richie he would have launched it to Golden.




I’d say Mahony missed 4 or 5. He had a mare.


Fitzgibbon was Minor in 2015. Has this year and next at U-21.


Looks like a little boy under the helmet, find engine on him though, uses the ball intelligently as well. Another contender for YHOTY.