Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


Thankfully for the GAA there are members of integrity out there, who won’t be swayed by celebrity


The county boards who have done nothing to promote hurling in their own counties for the best part of 130 years, why would we expect any different from them in that instance? Quisling cunts.


It’s been a bad week for the interns working at local news media organisations.


Really looking forward to the Deise in Dublin event tomorrow night in The 51.


Indeed. You can’t be blinkered in these situations. It’s terrible for De Burca but he did wrong and has to take his medicine. Tuohy is a very lucky boy as he should definitely be suspended.


We shall overcome :fist:


What do you have to say about that @fenwaypark?


My understanding is that a forensic analysis of the footage indicated that the linesman pressed the button on the flag almost immediately the incident happened thereby exonerating Harry Kehoe and ruling out the notion that the linesman was only reacting to Kehoes antics.


Hopefully the Waherfurd lads can use this to rally themselves. Can’t be great having the focus on whether a player will play or not (especially when it ends up that he doesn’t). I was going to have a bet on them, as I think they’ve been improving, but I’m not so sure now.
Think WD can choke the supply to the Cork forwards and put it up to Cork, Cork have had a long layoff which isn’t ideal obviously and WD will now have a fair idea of how they play.


Its an AI semi final. If they need motivation they are goosed anyway.

Abd besides that, its about 6 months too late to get motivated.
They have lost one of their key players. The only question is are they good enough to overcome it. Its that simple.


There’s one angle of the incident which, while not conclusive either way, shows the linesman was in an excellent position at the point of the incident. We have to trust their decisions then.


Such nonsense about rallying and motivation.

Waste of time even talking about it


They wont need motivation.

They shouldn’t need motivation.

And a good management team would do their damnedest to try and keep too much emotion getting into this incident.

But McGrath and Dan? And I really like McGrath, he’s a fine manager who is doing right by the players he has. But, jesus, those two? Their passion? Emotion? The Waterford might all turn up with a number 5 shirt on.


I dont thinknis going to have the hugely negative impact peiple think. Doubt it will impact the result that much maybe a point here or there.

Cork by 8


I’ve sent you a pm.


Do you not believe in the importance of the mental side of the game? They won’t need any additional motivation than an all Ireland final place, but all this shit about the appeal can’t have them in a good head space coming into it.


You have lost me?


Possibly a negative.

Ceryaimly not a positive as is being suggested. Its just dumb.

They are good enough without him or not


As I said last week, I think De Burca’s loss is incalculable. It’s not just plugging the sweeper gap in his absence - he’s a brilliant player in his own right and it impacts the relations between sweeper and full back, sweeper and corners backs, sweeper and half back line. All these relationships are almost telepathic from training and playing in the system for a few years but now he’s gone and someone else won’t have the same understanding of the role and his team-mates! I’d be very surprised if Cork don’t win now.

@Fagan_ODowd, what are Waterford likely to do? Mentions here and elsewhere on line of Darragh Fives playing sweeper but he’s been playing very well in midfield. John Gardiner suggested Fives for the role with a couple of other players dropping back a line too and Maurice Shanahan starting. I think Waterford would want to use him as an impact sub again all things being equal. You lack some out and out defensive cover in the squad.


I obviously was not talking about you