Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


I’ve never sold a ticket at a marked up.price.
As for your " pretend" bullshit. Well



Two lads on the minors which would be creating a bit of a hububb there no doubt

I fear the game has got lost in the hype around the womens rugby


:rofl: a fucking semi final, Jesus wept. :sweat_smile:


But ye are already in the Final.


What the fuck are you on about?
Flags for a semi final :rofl:



Mate, you’re making an awful fool of yourself here for no good reason, there’s a semi final on tomorrow and you expect Cork city to be awash with fucking flags and bunting?
You’re some simpleton :rofl:


Theyhavent had much cause for bunting since lizzie visited. Id say it’s lost.






A cocky strut on the galwegians by god


And the village idiot seems to think we’re already in the final so I’m quite worried about our prospects now. :unamused:


You think you could buy me as a fool but I can assure you that you wouldn’t sell me as one.


Are you having a smoke tonight? You’d enjoy this meteor shower thingy, there’s stars bombing all over the sky.


Child is sick you Dick, of course I’m not smoking herb.


Well turn off the snooker or whatever it is you’re watching together and sit out the back, it’s quite nice.


I’ve seen it. Savage sight.


Waterford will win at their ease tomorrow.


Is it any wonder there are not many women involved in Sports Administration with comments like that. I suggest that you google her to see her experience.


Absolutely seething :smile:

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