Cork vs Waterford

Might as well get this started before that cunt @Joe_Player gets in first.

Scuttlebutt is that Lehane is on crutches and out after an injury in training.

Waterford by 6. Take that @Fagan_ODowd you womanising cunt.


This should be epic … Wat by 11.

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An epic hammering?

I don’t think so - WAT, if still playing deep, won’t be hammering anyone.

11 points isn’t a hammering lad?

I agree though, Waterford will suffocate Cork, not hammer them. It’ll be one of those ‘close’ victories that was never in any doubt.

Waterford need to cop themselves on.
They have one of the most if not the most talented teams in the country. They should quit the cloak and dagger shit and go out and hurl mano on mano

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It won’t be 11 points - Cork will look to replicate their second half performance against Tipp and bring both forward lines deeper out the pitch… could be a horrible game to watch unless Cork can get up a lead.

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I don’t think Waterford will be playing as deep this year, hopefully not anyway, camp has been v quiet which is unusual. I think this will be Derek’s last year so he’ll want to have a right cut off it I think there’s a huge opportunity to win the AI this year for whoever wants it

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One sweeper and the half-forwards swarming back to kill space for Meade/Fitzgibbon. That’ll be as about as defensive as Waterford get.

Barry Kelly reffing this. Lehane is good to go. Unchanged team incoming for Cork but with Kearney off the bench this time.

That’s a Lazarus like recovery from Lehane


Is that this weekend?

Those townie lads are tough out. Word to @glasagusban


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I might take a spin to Thurles so.

Your death mate. As a neutral I’d barely change the channel to watch the Waterford lads hurl, nevermind travel to the match.

It’s only a half hour down the road. Plus I would hope that Waterford would have a change of tact this year.

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With KK and Tipp in the qualifiers i’m not sure what way he will approach this now – You’d like to think WT will go out and and take on Cork in the same fashion they did with KK last year and as has been hinted post league… But there’s too much at stake now and it’s about winning at any cost now with the way the championship is panning out and Derek might look to strangle the fuck out of Cork and keep them restricted to pot shots from the half way line.

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They’ll probably have only 12 lads playing in their half this year. One man full-forward line…possibly. You’d feel sorry for that old purist @Fagan_ODowd, I’d say he is secretly hoping Cork win.