Cork weirdo/sicko thread


You’re comprehension skills are shit. After all those fees you paid. You should ask for your money back.


There’s some mistruths in that but I couldn’t be arsed getting sucked into this thread.


Ah mate




I was absolutely against the RWC bid from the start.

However there is of course a risk/reward element to it in terms of what it can bring into the State.

How does it make sense to put 30m into a facility and not maximize its usage?

There is absolutely zero logic to it from the State’s POV. The fact that the reason that the rule exists is bigotry which still hasn’t been overturned can’t be ran away from.

As for the sponsorship- commercial sponsorship is commercial sponsorship. It happens in all companies and all sports receive it. Not like the GGA didn’t have banks putting money in is it?

There is no exceptionalism in that.


You’re a very confused chap.

Piggybacking onto Fagan flailing around demanding Belvedere increase their scholarship intake as if it is relevant to the historic treatment of the GGA or PuC is a sad case.




You’re complaining about govt funding for a pitch in Cork because it’s not inclusive but have no issue with govt subsidising private schools. That’s hypocrisy.


I think you’re confused.

The Government fund teachers. There is a secondary level education for every child that wants one. There isn’t 30m for a Stadium for everyone.

Your argument seems to be about economic exclusion. This is about bigotry. The GGA’s ban comes from being anti British.

The ironic thing is that when the GGA finally open the doors to PUC you’ll be first in the queue to support your beloved Liverpool playing a pre season game there.

I thought it interesting that everyone was jumping in slagging soccer for facilities and praising the GGA. I think if you look at it historically, economically and practically that is an uninformed position to take.


I’d be ok with that


They should be fucking banned


The FAI have never been good at supporting their own. Very good at picking fights with anyone who crosses them, mind you.


What’s this got to do with illegal state aid for theatres of hate


The word missing from about 90% of the last 200 posts is “whatabout”


The Government also fund sports facilities. Thanks to the tireless work of the GAA there is a sports club in virtually every corner of the island where the health and wellbeing of the country’s children and young adults is being looked after, an invaluable service to the country. Sadly the same can not be said for other sports who have squandered much of their money on mercenaries or administrators wages.


All to do with the FAI looking after their own




Money well spent. What a boost it was for the north inner city winning those back to back Leinster Senior Cups in 2016 & 17.


Blah blah blah

You just don’t read do you?

Let us state some facts.

The GGA received a lucrative and exclusive tax break for years that other sports did not.

In terms competition, half the oafs in here spend their money on English soccer teams. Have can soccer honestly expect to compete when that happens? How could they compete as far back as the 50s when the best Irish players were going abroad? Lots have tried to invest in League of Ireland football in Ireland it just has not worked. The European football set up is skewed dramatically towards a few leagues.

Lads would rather watch Messi on Sky than go to a game. That’s just stating reality. The LOI has no chance.

The FAI’s money comes substantially from the national team therefore. Unlike the GGA and rugby, they are not free to negotiate their rights with pay tv. Remember that in 2002 Bertie Ahern crushed a lucrative tv contract for the ROI to play their qualifiers on Sky. People said “greedy FAI” but wtf were they supposed to do? That was their one asset and that asset was basically handed to RTÉ for a nominal fee for 15 years. There was little to no FTA competition in Ireland until Virgin Media took over TV3. Meanwhile the amateur GGA could go and sell Championship games to Sky Sports. Go figure on the fairness of that.

So the remainder of the money comes from tickets. Guess who needs to be paid?

The GGA is an amateur sport. It doesn’t pay its players. Thus it has millions more to spend on facilities than other sports.

Rugby was in the fortunate position for years as well, but things change. Both rugby and soccer operate in a competitive environment, there was no choice on professionalism. It just happened.

So what money did the Irish football team really squander? A few blazers flying first class? Remember they weren’t flying the players that way, so even if that was a realistic argument it would be null.

The turnover figures for the GGA, IRFU and FAI are revealing. Despite football being the most popular field sport in Ireland the FAI lag way behind. What other revenue streams do you propose they create?

It’s revealing how many people just swallow this line about how great the GGA are for having facilities without any scrutiny of the facts at hand. Dullards who can’t think independently and have been spoon fed propoganda from the crib.


Like what exactly?

John Delaney’s salary? The blazers weekends away? Some tickets gone missing?

This is drop in the ocean stuff.