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Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada.



Up to the 60s the league of Ireland drew huge crowds . Most of the Dublin clubs drew well over 10 k week in and week out . Limerick used to average 7 k and Waterford and cork clubs ditto . Athlone , Sligo and Dundalk were well followed too

This was while “ the ban” was in full swing. Soccer was thriving domestically .

What happened ??


Increased number of players going to England
Match of the Day

What do you think happened?

This was a sport in a global market place.

There have been numerous attempts to get the LOI going. Money went in as far back as the 1970s into the likes of Shamrock Rovers and the crowds just didn’t come back.

It have only got worse with Sky Sports, Ryanair etc.

Would one of the brain surgeons in here tell me what they think the FAI should do now to get the LOI going. Don’t give me empty weasel words about investing in facilities. This is an organization with c. 55m in turnover and huge overheads and numerous mouths to feed up and down the country. It’s operating in an environment where the richest leagues just get richer and UEFA have little interest in promoting large urban centres over leagues.


Match of the Day on the television from 1965 began the drift from Eire soccer types following Eire clubs teams to Man U and Liverpool and supporting English soccer (but not the England national team). For the first 40 years of its existence, the partitonist Eire soccer team selected a lot of players from a thriving Eire domestic league. Shay Brennan was the first player selected for Eire under the parentage rule in 1965. That soon morphed into the granny rule and as the Eire team was increasingly populated by bangers there’s only been a handful of players from Eire clubs selected for Eire in the last 50 odd years.


Gonzaga have one for the chess team though.


Taking on the recommendations from the numerous consultancy reports the FAI have commissioned would be a start


go on…


The league as a concept is completely unsustainable in its current format. I’m sure you know the details better than I do. A genuine question, how were Bray and Limerick granted a licence this season when it was obvious to many that both clubs were in a spot of bother? Is the licencing process actually enforced as its meant to be? Or is it just an exercise to weed out the absolute chancers?


I’m not familiar with how the licensing process works


FAI gives them out willy nilly


Again, im not familiar with the system so cannot comment


You seem to go hazy on the facts when it suits …


How dare you


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Wonderful ad.

Tax payers money put to good use to commission it.


You have semi-answered your own question there. Ireland cannont sustain a professional sport. Rugby is sustained by having just 4 pro teams and playing across borders. The rugby club game is in large bankrolled by benefactors.
Soccer is fucked unless they form 3/4 large teams and join in a bigger league where you have glamour home fixtures. This is bound to fail unless you have a ready made brand (msybe SRFC).
For all its faults (and there are many) the GAA amateur ethos promotes volunteerism throughout the country which isnt a bad thing. It promotes altruistism and community where in tje end of the day sucess is relative. Professional sport in all its guises has a paymaster and becomes more of a business and less of a sport. Dont get me wrong I like some professional sports NBA and NFL in particular but its not sport in its true sense. They are business that use sportspeople.


No Tim, I was comparing like with like. Both the GAA and private schools receive state-funding. I can understand the stance that if it receives state funding it should be open to all but surely this should apply to all state funding. To use this as a stick to beat the GAA with is fine but to refuse to apply this stance to private school education is hypocrisy.




Are you sure about that. Stud fees are tax free. Bord na gCon have been bailed out more times than a Greek bank. The stadiums and dog tracks were all grant aided when they were developed. Hoese racing is a game that trives on mentally weak misfortunes (aka punters). Its a con. A pyramid scheme if you like. All dressed up as a fun activity. Its a mugs game and the young people are addicted to it.


Read the rest of the paragraph you dullard. Rugby survives by playing in a pan-national league. Club rugby is fucked and is heading back from a semi-pro to amateur which it should always be.