Cork weirdo/sicko thread


So Ireland can sustsin a professional sport.

You might want to edit your post to reflect that


In fairness I don’t know why you bother @Esso_Oil


You’d think the fact that the rugby franchises have to play against teams from Scotland, Wales and Italy in their domestic competition might be enough for the avid rugby fan to agree here - but facts and common sense have no place on this forum it seems.


And South Africa


How could I forget !


The LOI has miles too many matches. Does every team play 30 odd games a season? Is it any wonder it gets such paltry crowds and general apathy.


They should try a Super 8 style format.


A neutral game in Tallaght Stadium for everyone. They could even do a few double headers.


Fucking hell, the Allen’s below in Ballymaloe should pick this time to reveal a few skeletons in the closet and it will hardly get a look in with this dullest of the dull debate, give it a fucking rest please.


The reason the FAI, and the LOI clubs, are in such a state is because it is ran largely by incompetent fools not because of any Sky GAA deal or lucrative tax breaks. Id say the money the FAI get from Sky for friendly internationals is greater than what the GAA get for few championship games.
Take Shamrock Rovers for example who initially blamed a local GAA club for thwarting their efforts of becoming a soccer giant. 6 years ago they got a windfall from a European run that was to make them the dominant force in Irish soccer. Since starting that European campaign they have had 6 different managers, 4 of whom left after reportedly falling out with the board. The club have had almost no success since and most, if not all, the money made in the European campaign has been used to sack these managers. No matter how much money you give the FAI or many of their clubs they will quickly find a way to squander it by aping clubs in England where the sport is the national game and actually has the resources to sustain professionalism.


There is a big difference between sustaining a professional sport and sustaining a professional league. @Esso_Oil should be a bit clearer. Maybe you could give him a bit of mentoring


in fairness dan, it was pretty clear what he meant when you dont cherry pick the quote and take in what he actually said.

You’re being overly pedantic here picking out a snippet of a post missing the whole context of it all.


How would rubby be professional without the foreign league?


Well I never.


He should have said. Ireland can only sustain a professional sport through involvement with other countries. Thats correct.



anyway, the point is clear. Ireland cannot sustain a professional league within the country. It doesnt have the required sporting population nor the media/TV competition


We’re all Europeans now.

It’s sad that the insular bigots of the GGA can’t get their heads around this.


Your point is clear. Yes.


jaysus, that is a fair reach, even for you Matty.


Are we South Africans as well?