Cork weirdo/sicko thread


How a rubby fan could forget Irish rubby’s long standing history with SA is amazing …


Just John Robbie.


Croatia can sustain a professional soccer league though.


Croatia doesn’t have a cancer like the GGA infecting it’s sporting body.


I see…

thank you for unbiased input.


No Fair play to @gilgamboa. He took a part of a paragraph (sentence even) out of context to make a point. Serious internetting there.

The point I should have made was that Ireland can’t maintain a professional sport within its own boundary without the increased media/support base of other countries being involved. I thought that was more than clear in the rest of the paragraph. Indeed I would suggest that the Pro-14 League (is ot still called that ?) is heavily supported by the national unions?

I was also answering a point by @Tim_Riggins who asked a relevant question which further illuminates the direction and attitude of my response.


Explaining = losing.


When dealing with someone with an anti rubby agenda its vital that clarity and accuracy is involved.


Reasoned debate around here certainly is losing when you have such witty and well thought out riposte in your arsenal. Very original


He thinks South Africa is in Europe - I wouldnt waste your energy, mate.


Where is my anti rugby agenda?

@Tim_Riggins asked a question and I gave a reasoned response.
I would suggest I have attended far more rugby club matches in my time than you not to say have played.

I grew up in a time and place where rugby was the number one sport ( Limerick City). I went to my first game in 1981 missing out on the legendary day YM beat Bohs to win their first Senior Cup in decades. I supported and played for Young Munster (I was no good and played at a very low level) from then on. I was there in Lansdowne Road when Ger Earls intercepted the pass from Nick Barry to score in the corner to win the AIL.
That was in the days before the professional game. The professional game has changed rugby utterly. It has become a game of collisions and not a game of trying to avoid the collisions.I have to say it leaves me cold.
But that is professional sport in nearly all its guises. So do I have an agenda. Probably an anti- professional sport agenda.


We have all made valid points except for Matty Hislop and Tim Riggins. Now can we please all get behind Limerick in their bid to beat Cork this Sunday.


@Chocolatemice has all that covered off repeatedly on here … Who did you play ball with so, Tony King (or is it Peter?) and the likes? You probably ran into a very young chocolatemice in Austins when he used to pal with Auntin’s youngest, Mike.


Ooft. Bandwagoner @gilgamboa shown up badly


Played only a few years underage. I also told a bit of a fib. My first match wasn’t 1981. My ould fella dragged me to a Munster Ulster Interpro to see Mike Gibson play v Barry McGann (they were my two favorites) so it was probably around 77 but I was very young.

The names of the lads I would have palyed with were Glavins, Dickinsons Mike McCarthy and the like. All the CBS lads.Cant remember the Kings but it was a long toime ago. Far too young to go to pubs and to my horror never in Austins. My ould fella was a pioneeer. i have made up for that later in life

I hope you enjoyed my little reference to Nick Barry playing for St Mary’s. That day was special and made more special that it was a former Garryowen player who passed the ball that Earls intercepted.


You old bastard …


I must be mixing you up with one of the other limerick lunatics. Apologies.

I played approx 300 rugby games only.

Edit…i thought he was the dogshit man who is always rowing with trackie


I’ll applaud any man that makes that kind of commitment :clap:

Were you a Con man or some team out the sticks?


You have me so. I am only slightly brain damaged.


Did you get many bangs on the head?