Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Con wouldn’t have a lad from there. More like Kanturk


pretty much anyone who went to a rugby school and played in college would have done the same


Con me bollix.

Played from age 12 and played a few over 35s last year. Done now.


They do. But still not quite the same. Population wise, we are similar, which is why I specifically said sporting population. They have basketball and handball and other minority type sports, but none that compete with soccer to the same level as here.

Of their world cup squad, without making you go find out, they had 2 home based players involved. Their 3rd choice keeper and a midfielder who got 25 minutes in the dead rubber game against Iceland. The majority of their top level players go abroad for their football careers.

Plus, there are a number of other factors to consider too about the Croatian league. They have a decent footballing Yugoslav history, far better than ours. They had a national domestic league within the Yugolsavic era so it was inevitable with the Yugoslav wars and the breakup of the former state that the new countries would form their own domestic leagues with some of the powerhouses of the former country, namely Dinamo Zagreb and Hadjuk Split, dominating.

Added to Irelands multi sport nature with GGA and Rubby, it would be hard to sustain a professional soccer league here like it is done over there.


They have, multiple times.


I don’t have a problem with the GGA receiving state funding.

Do learn how to read sometime.




So why are people criticising football in this country then?

There is NOTHING these other sports can do, the game went professional elsewhere and that’s that.

What we could have in Ireland are better stadiums. PUC is an okay stadium, but short cuts were taken. If you had the other two field sports involved then another few million could have gone in. If not, fine the GGA should build the stadiums they want to build (even if I think they have stupid policies), but the state should not hand over 30m. It is simply bad public policy and spending to allot all that money to a facility that cannot be used by other sports. It lies empty for months of the year. Moreover, the fact that this ban on other sports is based on historic bigotry is wrong.


Summer soccer
Licensing itself
Following the Genesis Report in merging the league and the FAI

I could go on.

Saying to people to follow consultancy reports is quite a poor rebuttal to the argument.

The core facts are that for decades the best players have gone abroad, meaning a weakened product. Not only that, but those same players were readily watchable on television in the English language, with high production values and playing at a higher standard. The money has flowed into the top few leagues and continues to do so. In order to try and compete at any cross border level, you try Europe, which means spending money on players. The clubs are constantly chasing their tails.

Could the FAI rationalize clubs? Put in a salary cap or even say no wages? Possibly, but will that actually improve things? It will like make the standard even worse, meaning European competition gets worse for them. Moreover, the “local amateurs” playing for the love of the game doesn’t exactly have the same reasonace of the GGA. The GGA does not have international competition for their games. It has decades of built up brand in that respect. It just isn’t the same.


Just ban soccer altogether and everyone will be happy.


Does that include your satellite and internet connections?


People can watch what they want - but scrap the playing of it right across the country - The money the government wastes on it can then go to the GAA.


Barry’s son was in my school. Good player but enjoyed the drink.


The licencing committee is ‘independently’ made up of people handpicked by the FAI themselves. A bit of a flaw in the process I’m sure you’ll admit.

You’re conveniently ignoring reports that recommended disbanding the league as a professional organisation as its completely unsustainable and going back to a semi professional structure. It would have no impact on crowd sizes but would help regulate spend as you mention.


You seem to have missed the second part of my post there Mac.

You were wrong, they have followed consultants reports. You don’t necessarily follow them all.


There is actually.

The first is to make junior soccer amateur. i.e no payments to any players. This is happening. Might be under the table but its a mindset that is set by the clubs. The same with rugby.
Amalgamate with the Irish League and set up an All Ireland league limited to 10 teams. This would be the logical first move but it would mean that people would lose position power and money so it wont happen


I told you before that it was a stupid game and fellas would need their heads or priorities examined to be making time in their day to be watching it, but you were all ‘its like chess on grass’,
Glad that you’ve come around, it’s a grand way to keep fit and have a bit of craic but I don’t see the fuss


You’re mixing soccer and NFL up, bro.


Nuh uh

The complete opposite, NFL is actually enjoyable to watch


How are the FAI supposed to make the IFA surrender years of history to merge?

They don’t want to.

So how can they do it then?