Cork weirdo/sicko thread


I would never have made those comments about soccerball.


Don’t make me embarrass you now


The bigotry and historical prejudices aren’t soley the preserve of the GAA then?


Fire away … If I did say it, it really shows how much I’ve grown. Unreal.


We are talking about the IFA here so? There are plenty of organizations historically were the same. How does this fit into your point?

Stick to an actual point.

Your point is invalid and stupid as it is outside of the FAI’s control. If the FAI could have their way, they’d love a cross Europe league they could put teams into to compete. But there isn’t, it isn’t UEFA’a policy. They want domestic leagues.


I’m proud of you anyway, it really was mad stuff to be spouting about a few lads chasing a ball around a pitch


Thinly vieled “its the other lad is the bigot not us”.
Ypu asked what could be done. I sugested thge amalgamation. For the betterment od soccer on the island its a no brainer i didnt suggesy the IFA should merge with th e FAI why not th e othger way around if its the sport that is the priority. Why dies it matter if the headquaters is in Belfast or Dublin IF its betterment of the sport.
If course the reason is that seats at FIFA will be lost. Personal will lose power and money. So power comes ahead of the actual sport.
If Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley could do a deal them with the right vision the IFA and The FAI can do it. But is John Delaney prepared to give up €300k. The fuck he is


Blah blah blah

That isn’t in their control, so come up with something realistic please.

You roll onto the 300k salary of Delaney then as if it’s relevant.

The IFA have stated no interest currently, so please come up with a practical solutions instead of this deflection.


No one gives a fuck about Irish soccer – just let it die.


Hey a 36 year old man a


Dont be giving my age away, Joe.


I would my dream of giving away your age bud


Clare will win.




I think Delaney actually gets a salary of €460k per annum and has an allowance of €300 per day. FAI also choose to offer contracts to senior managers before they qualify for tournaments which is hardly a good ploy when you cant accurately forecast revenues. Roy Keane pockets 500k a year and Martin O Neill 1m. Indeed Martin O neill once earned 4 times what his northern namesake Michael O Neill earned a couple of years ago with Northern Ireland achieving more with less resources. Its no wonder the FAI dont have a pot to piss in.


Plough ahead as they are so. Shur everyone is happy.
The lads in the FAI are happy as long as their wages are paid and they can blame the lads in the North and the GAA for being bigots and Dinosaurs. You couldnt actually make it up


The FAI aren’t blaming anyone though are they, nobody talks about this in the media.

There is no discussion on stadium policy in this country.

You’re desperately deflecting here. Here are the facts; the GGA has a rule in place based on bigotry. They can change.

You’re are deflecting talking about some reunification of the Irish soccer sides, something that is not under the FAI’s control.

Soccer as a sport should be embarrassed that there are two teams. But such is life, there isn’t much they can do about it today.

Not one of the GGA zealots has uttered a single word of embarrassment about unsavory things from its history- the political control, the bigotry etc, some of the remnants of which exist today. There has also been limited acknowledgement of the absurd stadium policy in this county, of which I blame the State and all three field sports.

Instead we’ve had windmilling about John Delaney’s salary, fee paying schools and Phil Waikato, toasting the King…

For lads on here, it blows their minds to hear any outsider criticize the GGA. The reflex is to get all defensive with the above and go on about community, passion and amateurism, as if they are virtues only in existence in the GGA. Very telling.


What am I deflecting? Ypu asked how soccer could be improved I gave you two examples. The island has 2 leagues. Both relatively poorly attended. They have twenty top tier teams between them. Why not combine.
If the FAI and IFA got together and made a joint bid to UEFA about joining leagues why couldnt it work?
I never mention a united Irish side that was you jumping to conclusions.


are you familiar with the history of Oireland?


how did the north achieve more?