Cork weirdo/sicko thread


I was wondering if you meant people on here when talking about zealots, but seeing as you do indeed clarify it is on here, then maybe you need to open your eyes more.

Plenty on here have said about the issues over white elephant stadia for different sports and how municipal stadia would be preferential. So that “not one” is pretty much incorrect on that point.

you also want these Zealots, in this discussion, to express their embarrassment over the actions of the governing body in times when most of the people werent even born. Why? There is enough shite that the GAA do now that causes embarrassment or disdain that plenty of zealots comment on. Their fixtures scheduling, the preferential treatment of certain counties, the complete imbalance of funding to counties, the lack of understanding of what ordinary club members want and of course there is plenty of talk on the sky deal. I doubt any GAA supporter, or zealot as you seem to like to call them, thinks the GAA as an organisation are beyond criticism.

But why the need to hear someone, on a discussion about a charity game for a deceased soccer player, talk about embarrassment about the political arm of the GAA from 100 years ago or about a ban on foreign sports that ended nearly 50 years ago. I know very little of times when the ban was in place, I can only go on snippets on what my father did. He at one stage in his life was chairman of both the GAA club and the soccer club in our locality and was a founding member of the soccer club when it started in the early 70s. The ban didnt affect them that much other than they didnt have an organised league in rural areas, but the GAA team was in a similar position due to our location, so neither sport had any foothold and both to this day operate pretty much side by side with officers and players of the clubs.

I’m sure plenty of people had hardship and hassle over the ban or the bigotry or whatever, and I understand the reasons why the GAA had the ban in the first place and it probably lasted way too long and on the flipside understand why people dont like the GAA or dont like the cliquey nature of it or forced to play something they didnt want to.

The ban was pretty much in defiance to the ban imposed on them during the British rule here. Its hard to differentiate between the history of Ireland and the impact of the GAA at the time. It doesnt excuse anything done politically, but 100 years on people shouldnt have to feel embarrassment over a time that is far removed from where we are now.

There are plenty of GAA zealots out there now severely criticising the GAA over their stance of this charity game. I would be very surprised if a proposal is not submitted and put through at the next congress.

The GAA has plenty of flaws, but also has a massive amount of positives, so you seem surprised, on one of the most cantankerous website fora out there that lads are getting defensive about lads coming in on their moral high ground looking at it from other sports point of view?

I play and am involved in GAA. Same with soccer. I think the GAA are totally wrong not to accommodate a one off occasion such as this. But I must be a zealot so because I dont feel embarrassment over things that happened long before I was born.


How can they do it if the other side doesn’t want to?

It is classic deflection.

Basically you don’t have a clue beyond wishful thinking but will still stick the boot into the FAI.

Meanwhile, you will defend the GGA to the hilt despite them being in total control of this bigoted rule.


Why are they going to the trenches to defend and deflect the actions though?

It’s all well and good to say “it’s before our time”, but there’s lads on here happy enough to go and defend it.


but who though? a few lads on here who are discussing it or in general? Sure half the posters here are the same person and would fight amongst their own alternative personas. and as for the ones discussing it properly, I dont know, but I suppose its that there is no sport on here that is without its major flaws. however it’s a pretty common theme in Ireland for sports, soccer mainly, to play the woe is me card about how the big bad GAA take all the money and players that could be playing soccer. soccer was and still is in a shit heap here. Plenty of reasons for that, and arguably the GAA has a case for some of it, but the main reason it is or has been shite is due to terrible organisation and structures.


Terrible structures and organisation means nothing.

It’s a cash game.

The game doesn’t generate the free cashflow in the country, that’s the reality.


Thomond parnkto host Cork City euro games


What euro games?


The ones not fit for Turners Cross


Rob the racist retiring. Getting a job with BoI.


Proper order. The FAI do things their way which means scrounging off other organisations for facilities while making millionaires of their administrative staff. And who are we plebs to argue.


Here is the link.


a non story

Cark wont progress


The story is the scummy soccer crowd out with its begging cap again.


Always thought a municipal ground somewhere around Charleville would be useful. Munster could play their games there in the centre of the province, between two cities and it could be used for GAA matches as well during the summer.


They’d be small skeletons, the cunts.


They are looking to hire the stadium free of charge?

Is that what you think?


A blitz




A business transaction with little fuss, it’s what people in the 21st century do.


The plain simpletons of GGA stock don’t understand how the real world works.