Cork weirdo/sicko thread


If Frank was being paid for use of stadium for Miller gig it would be sorted by now


Not true.



Will the Liam Miller tribute match be played in Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’ll be some craic if the Gaa tell them to fuck off for themselves tomorrow. Murder she wrote.


And then the eu made them give the 30m back

Love it


Or they tell them they’re welcome as long as they play hurling, and let Cody ref it. Imagine the scumball fannies trying to play a proper mans game.


Didn’t the scotch shinty players knock the Bill of out of the spud hockey playersclast year


Did we ever establish whether the Millers actually need the money or are Michael O Flynn and the soccer bize on the stroke again?




Double ooooft




I wonder will they end up getting the money


Why do you wonder.?


Im a cynic


What a fucking disgusting comment.

Do you want the family of a deceased 36 year old to be means tested? Do you want reports and projections done on how much the widow and the bereaved children will need for the rest of their lives before you allow people to go along and support them?

Shameful comment.


He is a bigoted dinosaur


And I thought Castleknock were supposed to be a modern inclusive club. A leopard never changes it’s spots.


A new low.