Cork weirdo/sicko thread


I think it’s a fair question to ask why the family of a man who played for both Celtic and Man Utd need money. Surely the financial juggernaut that is Man U could look after them? And why can’t his testimonial be at Old Trafford?

Anyway for the record, I would have no problem with a charity match going ahead in a GAA ground so long as it did not lead to competitive games following suit


For some reason soccer lads get hysterical when it comes to talking about money. Changing in wet ditches while the GAA lads luxuriate in Dressing Rooms with actual hot showers could do that to a body I suppose.

Liam earned (at a conservative estimate) between 5-10 million quid in his playing career. If the Miller family have a few million left then I think it’s fundamentally wrong to be giving charity money to people who are already well off. However if the Miller family are in financial difficulty, this is a noble initiative and should be supported. When you consider recent revelations about the likes of Rehab and the CRC I don’t think it’s shameful to ask the question.

I’m not from Castleknock btw.


Did all that thinking hurt your brain?


You should do your research before making claims about the family of a dead man.


Could, and will, are entirely different things.


What research should he do? He made no claims but just asked a few questions.


You should read my post before replying to it.


It’s quite clear what the funds are for. :rollseyes:


And do they need the funds?


Is it? Im really not sure it is


The only time in my life I togged out in a wet ditch was for Clanna Gael/Fontenoy. We had to do this regularly in Ringsend Park before the clubhouse in Sean Moore Park was built.

I played football for Railway Union and we had tremendous facilities.


The bigoted dinosaur wants to divert away from the issue

What he is actually arguing for is less grants for the gga


English please?


The xenophobic dinosaur crying for English,wow


Rather than being rude and abusive can you shed any light on my original question which was

> Did we ever establish whether the Millers actually need the money or are Michael O Flynn and the soccer bize on the stroke again?


English, please?




Yes we did


Pretty much as I thought. You haven’t a clue where the money is going and judging by the tribute website the organisers aren’t broadcasting where it’s going to go either.


Why are you so obsessed about this. We funded your theatre of hate on the condition that it can be rented out

What’s your problem?