Cork weirdo/sicko thread



Reports of a Hurling game to be on before it…



Please love us Nicky butt


I can’t believe they’ve backtracked, very embarrassing. You’d have some respect for them if they held their ground.


Agreed. Marty asking dion Dublin his views on hurling will be cringe


You’d respect a bit of backbone.


Lily livered weaklings. Roll.over way too easy


Please Gary Pallister love us


Here we go with the abuse again. Reasonable discussion with soccer heads and particularly Sham Rovers supporters is pointless. The anger issues and sense of entitlement which are constantly on display make it a fruitless exercise.


What an unbelievably caring organization the GAA are. Breaking their own rules to take in and house those less fortunate than themselves. The Irish government could learn a thing or two here on how to deal with poverty stricken people.

The GAA leading the country once again !


Exhibition game featuring All Ireland Champions Limerick and Munster Champions Cork.


And Giggsy too.


GGA President on RTÉ News there moaning about the Government intervening, they don’t much like losing their vice grip on the power brokers. :grin:




Did he go whinging?


An “unnecessary” intervention apparently. :smiley:


And it a National media issue for weeks. :smile::smile:


Lads. I’ve a function in Bowes this evening, it’s the fucking twilight zone. I stopped coming in here for a Friday pints years ago. I now know why.


This sicko polluting my RTE homepage