Cork weirdo/sicko thread


I suppose it threatened his Cork-ness.


Cork people are very parochial and small minded. They have a savage chip on their shoulders too about Dublin


Hes a druggie from a well known family of heroin dealers, FYI republicans used picket the family home on a regular basis( when I say republicans ,I meant the watery down version SF)


No chip,whole bag of spuds,west Brit Dublin kinda annoys us, nearly as much as the queen’s visit,and the way the gardai clamping down on the protestors


mayhem in cobh as a convicted peado returned home
he’ll be burnt out id say and will end up in the tide
@caoimhaoin would love this story - he was convinced there were judges involved the whole lot in some cover up thing


women on facebook pages asking to name him and the estate







One of the pillars of Corkness is a tendency for some sort of sexual deviancy. A strange people.


Have a look at the Limerick weirdos forum here,think you’ll find Limerick ppl are as weird



Content,I’ve made it,fcuk it ,was worried there for a while, thought I woke up in king John’s Island


Ah yeah but that’s only after 60 minutes of a match.

This is what he was like after the semi


Hope changes are on the way this year


They will be. We won’t need extra time to beat ye this year.

Booom! !!


Sure if it happens we will have to get on with it, somehow I’d say we’re in with a shout


Don’t worry kid. I’ll be dining out on this one for awhile. Work away yereselves


Ye had to go back ten years for some of the Limerick stories. There are new ones about Cork deviants every week.


Old ones are always the best