Cork weirdo/sicko thread

Worst pitch. It was basically a farmers field with a big hill on the far left side of the pitch.

Shes a beaut now. Relaid some time ago, not the bog it once was. Great lights and lovely stand.

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That’s funny
He was in my class in school, he had a different surname back then, he was a legendary figure in the metaller community in Cork, went everywhere with a walking stick though he had no need for it

He seems to have done well for himself

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FFS whispering in my day was trying to have a bit of me time with an escort mag tucked down the back of your trousers
Hoping no other fecker might notice the the bulge under your jacket on tbe way to the contractors bog



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@myboyblue the PRO of Crettyard

In Evan we trust

Could we get this thread back on topic please?

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