Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Is it the long bridge near Kinsale


Id go for Union Hall @Juhniallio


Its not UH on 2nd consideration.


Of course it’s shit, It’s Cork @kev. But you are correct.


Sorry I missed that game, have you any more??


I must be in Cork(Model Farm Road) tomorrow morning for 9am and I am unsure about which route I should take.

The Maps app on My phone is bringing me in to the city but I’ve been told by a friend that’s goes to CIT that I should turn of by Blarney and go in that way. I’ll be coming from the Mallow side.

What’s the traffic like in the mornings around Model Farm Road?


Hectic – an hour back log.


Blarney for MFR, leave Drom bout 7.30


I should leave now so altogether?


You’d be as well leaving now and sleeping in the car overnight


about 7am.


Turn off at Blarney and up through Shanakiel crossing the river by the Mardyke, sure you’re nearly on the Model Farm road then, leave a bit of time.




You will be going against alot of the traffic too.

I would say a 7am leave though


Thanks all :+1:


Any recommendations for late bars Saturday night folks?


Who will you be hanging with?

And what age are ya?


Reardens - some gee




First night away as a couple on our own since baby arrived last July

@ChocolateMice and his better half maybe joining us too


She is right. Traffic will be v heavy at that time…any time after 8 really. Best way is turn off the cork rd at Waterloo exit and cross down thru blarney and get onto the road at Tower school and go up past the anglers rest pub. Id imagine thats the general gist of directions she is giving you.