Cork weirdo/sicko thread


That’s what I did. No major traffic :raised_hands:


Hennessys fob and gill pub is a place full of charm and its off the beaten track.


Ah well I know where ye will start and I know where ye will finish so


Hennessys serve until a decent time? Live music? We are not dining until 9pm in Paradiso (wife is a vegetarian).


Yeah they would serve away in the F and G til all hours. Usually a good sing song.

Paradiso is a smashing spot


+1. Have brought the wife there a few times. It’s her favourite restaurant in the country


He’s trying to inflict salad and beans on me.


you’ll have a phenomenal meal there. The best dinner I’ve had in Cork was there, although I’ve never had the Emperor’s chef dish out grub to me.


You go to Elbow lane and meat them afterwards


He’ll be the meat in the sandwich.


I’m sure if chocco is stuck, Kev can bring him in a pre-prepared meal.

I’ve ate in Cafe Paradiso 2 or 3 times and I never left there hungry. An unrale feed, and I’m a big meat fan.


Paradiso to the Fob and Gill has probably never been done by anybody ever




Salad do do do do do do


If it’s good enough for @gilgamboa then it’s good enough for me


Where is that now?


I assume they’ve a nice range of cocktails in the Fob? Love places off the beaten track


Yeah the usual mojito, tom collins, molitov


Super. I’ll tell herself to dress up proper


His sister in laws place to start and CUH to finish